Astro Resume

Mastering the Application Tracking Systems (ATS) Game

21 Sep 2023

Did you know? A staggering 75% of companies deploy Application Tracking Systems (ATS) to sift through the sea of resumes they receive, scouting for relevant keywords that match specific skills. It's a digital gatekeeper; if your resume contains these targeted keywords, it's earmarked as ATS-approved and has a higher chance of reaching a human reviewer.

So, what makes a resume truly ATS-ready?

  1. Streamlined Formatting: Certain elements can trip up an ATS scan. Images, graphics, and hyperlinks are among the top culprits. A well-structured, cleanly formatted resume ensures the system reads your content accurately.
  2. Relevant Experience: It's crucial to have experience that dovetails with an employer's specific objectives for a role. An aligned resume signals the ATS that you're a   top contender for the position

However, navigate cautiously when enticed by "free" ATS scan offers. Many online tools offering complimentary scans lack the depth and specificity to truly evaluate if your credentials align with the detailed, and often nuanced, criteria set by employers for distinct roles. The outcome? A broad score that might not genuinely reflect the effectiveness of your resume in the eyes of ATS.

With AstroResumes, you're accessing more than just a standard resume builder. Our innovative platform marries the precision of content crafted by certified professional resume writers with the unique personal touch of personality assessments and career horoscopes. It's not merely about crafting a document; it's about forging a personalized career narrative that stands out in a digital sea of resumes.

The real test of a resume's potency? Applying to positions that match your expertise, with a resume constructed using the latest industry insights, fortified by personal astrological insights and personality nuances. That's the AstroResumes difference. Ready to elevate your job search game? Harness the power of AstroResumes and embark on a journey where you can truly Live-With-No-Regrets.